My stay at Longo Mai

Blog Post- My stay at Longo Mai I recently travelled to Longo Mai as a graduate student from Elon University in the United States. We came as part of a project to redesign their website, and we needed to learn as much as we could about this community in the span of...

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An Experience of a Lifetime

I had the privilege of staying in Longo Mai for a week and I honestly wish I could have stayed a little longer. The food was great, the people were nice, and the scenery was amazing. The weather was lovely and perfect for taking a dip in the river. I got the perfect...

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A Once in a Lifetime Experience

I visited Longo Mai from January 3, 2020 - January -6, 2020. I was expecting the people there to live a primitive lifestyle and have limited modern amenities. I was surprised to find out that many of the people in Longo Mai have TVs, cellphones, fans, and even wifi....

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